Baby pudú (Pudu puda) rescued from forest fire near, Pto Montt Chile.

  • Photo by @ DRPREYES.


pudugirl asked:

im literally cgvffg fangirling over this blog,i love pudues so much vgkhgut thank you thank you


!!!! so glad you say that <333 the pudus and and i love your support :)


h001iganfromcali4nia asked:

i want to get a baby pudu tattoo because i can relate so much to those creatures. is this a good or bad idea?


if you think you’d still totally be down with that tattoo in 20 or more years, then go for it! do you have a specific pudu design in mind?

a new month-old baby doe at the Queens Zoo!! go to huffington post (article linked in the source) to provide name suggestions for her! mine was apricot :)